I defend the pro-choice view with respect to the ethics of abortion. That is, I believe that abortion, even ‘late-term’ abortion, is morally permissible and should be a legally protected right.

My pro-choice stance is based on two important commitments: (i). Women have incredibly strong interests in securing abortion access and (ii). There is no good reason to believe that the fetus is a person(i.e. a being with significant moral status and rights)

Given the truth of both (i) and (ii), the pro-choice position is inescapable. Hence, it is the job of this blog to defend the commitments.

Defending (i)

A Qualified Case For Abortion Rights
Abortion Does not Harm Women

Defending (ii)

Why Fetal Potential is not Enough
Identity Over Time and the Ethics of Abortion
A Psychological Basis For Personhood
Defending a Psychological Basis For Personhood
Two Thought Experiments Against the Pro-life View
Abortion and Time Relative Interests
Why a Liberal View on Abortion is Correct
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