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The Ethics of Killing

What grounds the right to life, what is entailed by the right to life, and who has a right to life? These questions form the basis of some of the deepest disagreements in ethics: abortion, animal rights, and euthanasia. Through thoughtful reflection on the importance of consciousness, answers to such questions can be found.

Sexual Ethics

Sexuality plays a profound and intimate role in human culture and society, but what constrains the realm of ethical conduct? Can economic arrangements that force women into prostitution be justified? Should sexual orientation discrimination be legal? These vital questions must be answered by any account of sexual ethics.

Secular Ethics

Does morality have a theological foundation? Many people believe so, but a careful analysis reveals that ethics need not depend on God. Morality can be understood in entirely secular terms.

“The good of any one individual is of no more importance, from the point of view of the Universe, than the good of any other”

Henry Sidgwick

We can resolve our ethical disagreements through effective communication. I hope this blog will help in that endeavor.

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My name is Tylon Kondowe. I study philosophy as a hobby. I don’t have any formal training, but I hope my insights can be helpful for some.

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